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Exciting New “Soiree” on Sunday

Saturday, July 25th, 2009


July 26, 2009

Soiree International, Inc. Contact: Lyn Williams Telephone: (330) 831-9593

Local Artists Gather for Berkeley Soiree

BERKELEY, C.A. – is the go-to site for artists and consumers, with real world gatherings, called “soirees” as the staple for the site. The MySoiree team is organizing another soiree at 3:00 P.M. on Sunday, July 26, at the Jamie Erfurdt’s Art Studio and Gallery in Berkeley, CA. Soirees are the token of the website where the virtual and real world intertwine for artists to display and sell their artwork in person. It’s an intimate social gathering to escape daily life, where you celebrate with friends, neighbors, and artists.

“Soirees” are a part of the social networking and virtual studio site, The site allows hundreds of artists already signed up to display and sell their work not only online, but also directly to buyers and members of the community by showcasing them at “soirees.” This “soiree” will be sponsored by professional artist Jamie Erfurdt.

The MySoiree website launched in February 2009 and has already hosted several “soirees” where artists gather to sell and display their work in a social environment. The website fills the niche for the exclusive and talented artist and immerses a community of artists and art aficionados into a social networking-based website. It’s unique because it extends the limits a website can provide for its viewers to a site that also brings people directly together.

Mysoiree has drawn in the interest of a wide spectrum of artists—from avant-garde artists, to college art students and graduate school artists. It promotes the production of usable, functional, wearable and unique artistic creations, thus becoming a platform for talented new artists to showcase and sell from their own unique artist studio on the site.

WHEN: Sunday, July 26, 2009; 3:00 PM

WHAT: A local Soiree

WHERE: Jamie Erfurdt’s Art Studio and Gallery, 1966 University Ave, Berkeley, CA.

WHY: To make an opportunity for local artists and community members or consumers to come together and appreciate art!

For questions, please contact Lyn Williams at (330) 831-9593

Artists and consumers can check out the studio site by going to

There is also a blog with updated pictures and experiences at


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