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The Energy that comes from a Soiree

I’m a virtual person, I love my computer, can’t live with out.  But I love people, can’t live without them, and there is so much energy that resonates when you get together as a group.  My friend, supporter, and mentor Jamie Erfurdt, said to me last evening, that during  recession it is so important to bring people together. That is precisely what we did today, on a beautifully unseasonlly warm day in Berkeley, CA we had our first Soiree.  It was a gentle and exciting get together, where we learned the real story behind the artists who create the work on  Whether it was Penelope Moore who is  trading art for living space,, or up and coming jewelry artists Denitsa Shopovera who is bringing to American jewelry making a Bulgarian flair, Two artists, Stan,, who lifted the crowd with his professionaly well crafted animal/mamal/biological fiber art met with Victor who paints in water colors, a mix of biology and creativity.  Would they of had a chance to meet virtually?  Maybe, but it resonates so much more when it is face to face and art to art.  Here’s to the real world where the real things happen (noted I’m recording this in the virtual world).

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